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           UNI product comes standard with a 1 or 2-year warranty against defects from the date of purchase by an original purchaser from UNI or from UNI’s authorized distributors.

           UNI guarantees its products against defects in materials and workmanship under limited conditions. However, UNI does not take responsibility to provide warranty services for repair or maintenance without charge under the following circumstances: deficiency resulting from shipping, damages caused by accidental events, damages due to the excessive force or self-assembly/disassembly, damages caused by modification without authorized technical support, etc.

          UNI makes every attempt to support our customers before returning the products to us or our distributors. In many cases, we provide user manuals, calibration procedures, spare parts and schematics for the products even long after limited warranty is expired or a product has been discontinued.

          In order to service your products under the limited warranty, the product should be returned to UNI or UNI’s original distributor.  Purchasers are responsible to package the defective product in good condition and ship it to the original distributor. Shipping charges must be paid by the sender. If repair services are requested to the original distributor, then the original distributor will pay for the return shipping charge back to the purchaser.


         If the defective products have exceeded the warranty time period, UNI or UNI’s authorized distributor can  provide the related repair and/or maintenance services with a fee  covering repair charges, the return shipping charges, and any additional costs.