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About Us

In May 2001, a man embarked on a seemingly simple quest of earning an honest living. He cast his lot in the type of business which appealed most to him. It took but a very short time for this man to learn that earning a living in terms of dollars and cents was not the primary requisite of employment. He learned that his most valuable asset was not his bank account, nor his worthy goods, nor things materials, but rather his credit and royal friends in business.

           This was how Unisource Corporation was founded by a man who worked at LG Precision Test Instrument division. Based on his 15 years’ work experience in the field of Test & Measuring Instruments, Unisource set off smoothly and has become a major player in developing and supplying reliable and reputable test instruments worldwide. Apart from providing good quality test instruments to the industrial market, Unisource introduced experimental trainers to various international educational institutions.

           In 2003, Unisource decided to establish UniTEQ Corporation and acquired a warehouse in the United States to expand sales and marketing to North and South America, and eventually to the global market of instrumentation.

           To serve our customers with the highest caliber products and services, we constantly strive to improve product quality and innovate product design. Through stellar products, reasonable prices, and exceptional customer services, we welcome new and old customers both at home and abroad and look forward to partnering with you for many years to come.

           We always adhere to our principle “ Be honest to customers, Guarantee in quality, Keep our word and Build credibility in each other. “